Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. S. Y. Ambekar

Dr. Ambekar holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Mysore, India. Professor Ambekar is a renowned organic chemist and brings expertise in the area of synthetic organic chemistry. He is a member of the Indian Council of Chemists and past President of the Organic Chemistry section.

Dr. Balu R. Chakravarthy

Dr. Chakravarthy completed his Ph.D. in Biochemistry at Dalhousie University, Canada. Dr.Chakravarthy is currently a Research Group Leader over two Research officers and six Technical Officers as well as an Adjunct Professor in the Departments of Biology and Chemistry at Carleton University since 2005.

Dr. K. N. Gurudutt

Dr K. N. Gurudutt completed his Ph.D. in chemistry from University of Delhi. He was associated with CFTRI, Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore as a scientist. His area of expertise has been Chemistry of Natural products, Synthetic organic chemistry, Bio-Organic chemistry, Flavor Chemistry and Process development of fine chemicals.

Dr. BantwalShivaramaHolla

Dr. Holla holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from University of Mysore. Presently he is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Mangalore University.

Dr. V. Kalyanaraman

Dr. Kalyanaraman holds a PhD degree in chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He developed a technology for the manufacture of spice oleoresins and natural food colors. Dr. Kalyanaraman is the founding Director of Flavours and Essences Pvt. Ltd, Mysore, India and is an operating consultant in process chemistry, Biochemistry work and Spice oleoresins. He is also a member of selection and evaluation committees for multiple government and private organizations.

Dr. K. Srikumar

Dr. Srikumar holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. Currently he is a Reader in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Pondicherry University. Professor Srikumar has worked as a Research Assistant, in Hindustan Lever, Bombay and was also an Analytical Chemist at Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, USA.

Dr. B. S. Vishwanath

Dr. Vishwanath completed his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and did his post-doctoral work at Medical College of Virginia, USA and at University of Berne, Switzerland. Dr. Vishwanath has worked at CFTRI as a Senior Technical Assistant and later joined Karnataka Cardio Diagnostic Centre as Chief Biochemist. Currently he is a Professor at the University of Mysore.